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Tycoon Percussion Artist

Lukasz Kurzydlo began his musical journey as a cellist. He soon discovered the beauty of percussion instruments and moved towards this field during his time in music school in Cracow. 

This classical background has been a great base for him to develop easily into jazz and other musical styles. With time and much experience, Lukasz has incorporated different styles into his playing from Jazz, Soul, R&B, Latin, Balkan and world music, making his performance exceptional and unique. He is much praised by his creativity and flexibility in his work as well as precision in his playing. Lukasz has had ample experience working with various theatres, bands, and participated in numerous international festivals.


Among the artists Lukasz has worked with are

Nat & Pinnaree Yontararak, Tewan-Metawat Sapsanyakorn, Koh MrSaxman, Sunny Rattana Wongsansern, Jakob Dinesen, Demi Nova, Adam Sztaba, Justyna Steczkowska, Marek Balata, Renata Przemyk, Robert Kasprzycki, Rudi Schuberth & Wały Jagiellońskie, Ewa Uryga, Janusz Szrom, Megitza, Tempero, Fortet, Dzhamalari, Sokół Orchestra, According To Plan, Kinga Rataj, Bajazzer, Acoustic Guitar Kollektiv, Jascha Lieberman, Magda Brudzińska, Tadeusz Leśniak, Arek Skolik, Łukasz Adamczyk, Que Passa, Mili Morena, Maja Sikorowska, Alosza Awdiejew, Michał Wierba, Mag Balay, Paulina Bisztyga, Siostry Matkowskie, Jazgot.

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